Monday, September 22, 2014

One week left in my first transfer!!

Victoria loves to kiss Sister Lacey on the cheek because she knows she's still getting used to kissing greetings :-)
Amora, Portugal

First of all you guys are awesome. I love hearing from you! I miss you all but I am loving it here. Portugal is amazing.

So we had a Family Home Evening with Manuela and her family and it was a blast. They made us some African soup and it was sooo good until I saw a fleshy thing on my plate and I think it was a pig nose. I am pretty sure they just cook the whole pigs head in the soup. Haha It was still way good though and I managed to eat around it. They are so fun! I just love the people I have met from Africa. We are always laughing and they are always so patient with my Portuguese. 
Yummy soup!
Emily (Victoria's cousin)
So a few weeks back we contacted this 18 year old girl on the street and she gave us her number and said we could come by and teach her more another day. Well we did this last week and she is AMAZING!! She is neighbors of a recent convert in the ward and she said she noticed a change in him after he got baptized and that she is willing to change as well. We taught her the word of wisdom and she said well I have a problem with 3 of those things but I want to change so I will try my hardest to give them up. On Thursday we had another lesson with her and we had left her a chapter in The Book of Mormon which she read and she said she prayed about it and knows it is true! I mean seriously is this real life?  She is amazing!! And then she said she only smoked one cigarette the day she read and prayed she said she knew it was the Lord blessing her. It gets even better. We went on with the lesson and started talking about our missions and she said how long after I get baptized can I go on a mission? I mean seriously!!! Is she not amazing!?! 

Another really cool story. One of our lessons fell through (they said they were not interested) so we had time to knock some doors. We prayed and decided to knock this one building. We took the elevator to the top and no one even opened up the door until we got to the last door in the apartment building. A women opened up the door and she said years ago she met with the missionaries but she was working a lot of hours and so she could never go to church. Well anyways, she said that she is working less now and she just recently began thinking about the missionaries from years ago. We have a lesson with her tomorrow. I am so excited!

The more I am on my mission the more I just rejoice in My Heavenly Father for letting me see His work be brought forth. In Alma 16:16 it says, "...the Lord did pour out his Spirit on all the face of the land to prepare the minds of the children of men, or to prepare their hearts to receive the word." He literally is preparing the hearts of the people here. We are just here to be worthy to find His children that are listening to the spirit. I am so thankful for this gospel. I know it is true. I love my Father in Heaven and his Son for this is Christ's church and I am so thankful for the Holy Ghost touching the hearts of the wonderful people here. I love you all so much!!!

Love Sister Lacey

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