Monday, October 20, 2014

Ola Família!!

Overlooking the Rio Douro (Douro River) Vila Nova De Gaia, Portugal 
With the Bishop's Family
New Jacket!
With the Young Women's President in Seixal who just got her mission call to Brazil
Hey guys!!!

So guess what! President wants us to do a 40 day fast not of food or drink but of things that keep us from focusing on the work so I think this is my last letter to you guys. Haha Totally kidding! Anyways, last week I started a fast and then at the end of it I wrote down things I felt like I needed to stop doing and what I need to start doing for 40 days and guess what I felt impressed to do... Stop speaking English. Yep that's right.  It has been interesting but it is seriously so worth it. English has slipped out here and there but it has seriously been only Portuguese. It is pretty cool. Apparently I talked in my sleep the other night and my companion was going to get mad at me for speaking English, but I was speaking Portuguese! Haha I was so excited to hear that. Anyways, its pretty funny.

I have already seen the blessings of this fast. One thing is that I wanted to start talking to more people on the street. I am sad to say but before now, I was completely terrified to just walk up to someone and and start talking to them and I used my Portuguese as an excuse. Well this week I talked to a lot of people and my companion and I have been so blessed! On Tuesday we had just left a member's house and I saw this one lady walking and so I stopped her. We ended up having a lesson right there in the road and she gave us her number and she was just amazing. Her name is Monica and she is from Romania. Well on Thursday we went back to the family and they are amazing, seriously, so awesome and guess who walked in? Yep, Monica.  She is apparently best friends with this couple and so we had another lesson with her... so cool! 

Another awesome miracle that happened. We were leaving the Stake President's house and we were on the metro and this lady sat across from us and I had always said hi to people but I had the impression to leave a pass along card with her. So I did and it turns out 4 years ago she met with the missionaries and they were both transferred and so she stopped going to church and she said she really wants to start going again. Well we ended up staying on the metro for 3 more stops then we had planned because we wanted to talk to her.  So, we got off of the metro and caught another one to head back and we sat down across from another lady and I had a feeling to talk to her too. Well, I was nervous, but she started laughing about what some kids were saying on the metro, so I started laughing too, which kind of broke the ice.  Anyway, we ended up talking to her and had an entire lesson with her. She literally told us she needs the truth because her brothers both died this year and she has been devastated and she asked,  "Do you believe I will see them again?" and we said. "Yes!!" She is amazing. We literally all talked and cried and hugged each other. Cant you just see the Lord's hand in this work??? I mean our plans had changed, we got off 3 stops later and the seats across from her were the only seats left... I mean none of this was a coincidence. 

This is the Lord's work.  He literally does all the heavy lifting. I am so blessed to be here and to see all of these miracles every day. My heart is so full! I love this gospel I know this is Christ's Church. I love you all so much!! 

Love Sister Lacey

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