Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ainda em Gaia!!

Hey guys!!!

I am still in Gaia. I am seriously so happy, I was not ready to leave. Thank you all so much for the emails.  You are all awesome!! Seriously (Brooke) Japan!! I still cant get over it. Haha

This week has been great I was out for one day though. I had the flu... not very fun. One of our investigators was sick with the flu and I got it too. We have a doctor that we are supposed to call if we get sick and I wouldn't call her so my companion did and the doctor said I have to stay inside and not work for the whole day. Anyways I am good now. 

So I have a new companion. Well Sister Fuertes and I are still together, but for 2 weeks we have another companion. She is from Portugal ans she is waiting for her visa to Brazil for her mission. So it is a lot of fun in our house right now. We have Sister Fuertes with her Spanish Portuguese mix; Sister Torres with her pure Portuguese and me. Haha We are having fun. 

So I have realized something this week. I am a lot more happy when I am not thinking about myself. Weird right :-). I think it has just been an adjustment for me because before the mission at Dixie, every thing was about me. I went to class for me, I worked for myself, I ran because I loved it. I mean everything. And now there is a ward, a Bishop, members and this whole area that needs me to be thinking about them and I actually really like it. It was an adjustment for sure, but truly The Lord needs his missionaries, because people need us. It is just really cool how much the ward and less actives and recent coverts rely on us. And Brookie will see this too. You will help people quit smoking and help people come back to church and help people get married....

So one of our investigators got engaged lest night!! I am so excited. She is living with her boyfriend and he is a less active who was baptized when he was 8 but shortly after his mom stopped taking him to church. Anyways they have a daughter and they come to church every Sunday as a family and we have been talking a lot about the law of chastity and they said they want to get married in a year. So we have been working with them a lot and then last night we had dinner with them and he proposed to her. And they are getting married on Dec. 5th!  I am so excited! 

I am so thankful for this gospel. There are days when it gets pretty tough and then the Lord just blesses us and shows us that He is still in charge of this work. I love you all so much!! I know this is Christ's Church on the Earth. We are so blessed. I LOVE YOU ALL!!

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