Monday, November 3, 2014

Ola Minha Familia!!

At Ward Halloween Activity
Bobbing for apples at activity
Sister Fuertes and Sister Lacey
The sisters, Claudia and her friends

First of all!! BROOKIE!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!! Seriously I am so excited!! Japan!! How cool is that? I am seriously so excited! Did I say that already? There will be two Sister Laceys out at the same time!!! Awe!!!! I am so happy.

This week has been great. I am so sorry about last week. To start off, the members here are amazing! I love the ward here. We have activities every Friday and have dinner and we (the missionaries) share a spiritual thought and then we play games. Well, on Thursday we had a lesson with a family and we invited them to the activity.  They said maybe they would come. Well, Friday came around and one of them (her name is Claudia) came with 4 of her friends all dressed up for Halloween!  We had so much fun playing games; it was literally so cool. 

So on Thursday we had a lesson with a member and we have been working with her for a while to help her quit smoking and start coming to church with her sons. Well, she has come to church 2 times now, but on Thursday she said she wouldn't go this week because her son who is 8 doesn't want to go. Well I was pretty mad because her son told us right there that he loves church. Anyways she was basically making an excuse because she doesn't want to go and I was just frustrated. So Sister Fuertes and I were pretty bummed and we were leaving and I tripped on these stairs and fell. It was pretty funny. Anyways, my ankle hurt a bit which is rare for me because my kankles are pretty sturdy. Haha So we sat down on a bench to check it out and I looked up and saw this kid and the thought came to me to talk to him. And I thought, no he is like 15 he will not want to hear anything, but then I turned to Sister Fuertes and said, " He is going to serve a mission".  And that is the only impression I had. It was seriously way cool. So we talked to him. And he told us he doesn't really know if he believes in God but he wants too. And then his sister came outside and she is 14 and amazing also. We were talking about the Book of Mormon and how they do not need to believe us but they can pray and find out for themselves and we said when you do God will answer your prayer. And his sister Beatriz literally gasped when we said that and her face lit up and she said God has answered your prayers? And we said yes!! Bruno her Brother said a prayer with us and it was the first prayer he has ever given. He was so happy after he said it.

Afterwards Sister Fuertes and I said a prayer of gratitude. We do this a lot during the day. It just helps turn everything over to the Lord. Anyways ,during the prayer I just cried. I was just so happy. I literally just cry here out of pure joy. When you bare your testimony and feel of the love Heavenly Father has for not only you but for those you are speaking to there is just no better feeling. I am so grateful Brooke will be able to experience this soon.

I know this gospel is true! I love my Savior so much. This is his church and he knows us perfectly and he knows how to help us. I love you all so much!!!

Love Sister Lacey

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