Monday, December 29, 2014

Turkey... so good but so bad

Ola Familía!!!

It was seriously so great talking to you all on Christmas. I literally loved it so much! I can't even describe how great it was. You guys are just amazing!

So on Friday Manuel and Catia got baptized! Manuels daughter is baptized and his wife and the rest of his family have been investigating ever since (for about 2 years now). Catia is 21 years old and she was actually a referral from Carmen (Manuels wife). Well, apparently a few weeks before I came, she was set to be baptized and then she just stopped meeting with the sisters. Well the day before I got here she came back to church again and said that she wanted to talk to the sisters. So we started teaching her. And she is amazing! She literally just loves the Book of Mormon and prayer and she is just amazing. She wrote us a Christmas card and said how thankful she is for us and that she knows the church is true. It was so great when she got baptized on Friday after she just said I feel so good! I cant describe it!

Soon after the baptism Sister Ventura said she wasn't feeling good and she threw up and actually ended up passing out. So at 11 pm we had member give us a ride to the ER. It was quite an experience.  Well, at about 3 in the morning I started to feel sick and I ended up throwing up too.  We left at around 4 and lets just say that I threw up about 15 times until Sunday afternoon. Turns out that the Elders were sick too and the whole house where we skyped at. It was the turkey. Not very fun but we are alive! Haha

One amazing thing that happened through all of this though was that Manuels wife and son got baptized on Saturday! Our zone leaders and Sister training leaders were amazing! They made sure everything was ready for the baptism, finished any lessons, interviews, I mean everything, it was awesome.

So ya it has been pretty crazy since I talked to you guys.  Sorry for all of the information. Haha In Portugal they have this saying, "É vida" meaning "its life". Haha You guys are so awesome! I seriously cannot get over how blessed I am to be in this family. I love you all so much!!!

Love, Sister Lacey

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