Monday, October 19, 2015

O Plano Perfeito

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Ola Minha querida família!! 

Hey guys!! This week was amazing!! I seriously love the Branch! We have so much fun with them. We visited three families from the Branch last night and we seriosuly all laughed so hard! Tiago and Bianca are Irmão Sergios kids (The Mission leader). They are so funny! Tiago is really skinny and they were joking around with him and saying he is lucky because when it rains he cant even get wet because he is so small! Haha 

Our friend from Africa Antonio is doing great! It was amazing because Sister Anaya and I had the strongest impression to talk to him about his family and it turns out that is what is holding him back. He is going to be talking to his wife but the Church and that he knows it is Christs Church. She is still in Africa and so he wants her support.

We had another lesson with Jessica. She is seriously amazing! We taught the plan of salvation and tears came into her eyes as we talked about the spirit world and that the gospel will be preach there. She said,´´I never learned that before! Gods plan is so perfect!´´ The spirit was so strong! I testified that his plan is perfect and it was designed so that everyone of his children could have the chance to return to him. :) 

I loved my Ponderize this week!! Truly I am so happy! We are so blessed both spiritually and materially as we keep the commandments. They are not restrictions but steps to help guide us safely home!

I love you all so much!! 

Com tanto amor, Sister Lacey

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