Monday, April 13, 2015

9 months! O que!!!

Ola minha familia!!
Hey guys! How are all you all? This week flew by. You guys all sound great. I don't have much time today; we are in Lisboa today for P-Day and we need to catch a train soon.
Okay, I cannot believe that I am half way done with the mission! I am literally in shock. It is pretty funny because sometimes I think, wow I survived this long haha and other times I think, noooooo its going too quick, I have so much to learn and so much to do! Haha The mission is amazing and I LOVE Portugal!! Seriously everyone should prepare to go on a mission.
One of the coolest experiences happened this week. We were having a little bit of a rough day and we were talking to some people but not many people were interested. Well, I heard someone yell Lacey (and lets just say that is not something normal to hear in Portugal) Well I turned around and saw Paula. Okay well I don't know if you guys remember, but when we Skyped on Christmas, I talked about a really nice lady who we contacted and she complemented me on my Portuguese. Well, she saw me from far away and still remembered my name! She is incredible. And she told me that she thinks I am amazing and was thankful for how much I love I showed to her that day. She has cancer and in December we talked with her about the Plan of Salvation. Anyways, we just cried as we talked and I told her that I had talked to you guys about her and she cried more. It was seriously amazing. And that was almost 4 months ago!
The Lord truly looks out for us his missionaries. You guys know how I am pretty hard on myself sometimes. And I realized something this week. If I am teaching people about repentance and the atonement, I need to use it and rely on my Savior more in my own life. It is so funny to me, but when I hear about what people have done in their lives in regards to smoking, drugs, the law of chastity, I completely believe that The Lord well help them overcome their challenges but when I stay at a Recent Convert's house too long or I stay in for lunch for and hour and fifteen minutes it is the end of the world.
Repentance is a wonderful and happy thing! It is a way to become more like our Savior! It is such a blessing that we can become better and from what I have learned on my, mission if we are not improving, we are moving backwards. We need to constantly be pushing ourselves a little more. And that's why I think missions are so great! It is a way to improve on full speed. Haha Sometimes it is not the most comfortable thing in the world and sometimes I think NO I cant do this and then with The Lords help, I do.
This is the Lord's work! If it wasn't, do you really think 19 and 18 year-olds could be living on their own in different countries? I love this is gospel so much. I know this is Christ's Church. Like Brookie said, we need to show Christ's light to others. Like it says in The Living Christ, ´´He is the light, life and the hope of the world.´´ HE LIVES! I love you all so much!!
Com Amor, Sister Lacey

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