Monday, April 27, 2015

Vila Franca de Xira!!

5 Americans, 1 Italian, 1 African, 1 Costa Rican
Silvana didn't want to let her leave 

Getting transferred and leaving new people you love is the hardest

Silvana's family

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Saying goodbye to the Ward in Setubal

Saying goodbye to the Ward in Setubal

Lorenzo, who says our church is horrible because you can't hug the
sisters!  This is them "Hugging"
Hey Guys!! 

This will be quick today. Transfers are always a little crazy! Haha So I am in a new area. Vila Franca de Xira and I will be serving in a branch with about 20 members! Cool huh!!! I am really excited. I am serving with Sister Elliot.  She is from CA and ran track and cross country for BYU! Haha She is going to help me stay in shape. She is also in her second transfer so I will be finishing her training. 

This week was amazing! I cant believe I served in Setúbal for 5 months!! I am going to miss the members a lot. It is amazing to me the relationships that we can make with people from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds. Also Sister Swain and I cried a lot!! I am going to miss her!! 

It is pretty funny... a lot of the members, when they said bye to me, told me to keep giving faca (knife) or in other words, to say it like it is to people. Haha They said that it needs to be said. It made me laugh. Lets just say that someone was saying that they were drinking coffee again, and they needed to give it up slowly or it would be bad for there health (that is what a doctor said) Well, I said, I don't care what the doctor said, we know what God has said and he knows better. Anyways it was a little harsh, but they said it was needed. You guys know how I am. haha 

Sorry this is so short today!I love this gospel so much! I am seriously so happy!! I LOVE YOU!!

Sister Lacey

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