Monday, September 21, 2015

O coração quebrantado e o espírito contrito

Hey Guys!! 

So I have some crazy news. Sister Anaya and I got transfered on Wednesday. I am serving now in Vasco de Gama. I am still kind of in shock. 

Well the transfer all went really quickly so I had to just call people to say goodbye. Well after getting off the phone with Dora Gomes and her family I just lost it. Seriously hardest day of my mission. You know after a cross country race when you finish and you bend over and put your hands on your knees because you cant stand up straight? Well that was me I just sobbed. Thankfully we were at the Sister Training leaders house so they just cried with me. 

I also called two of our investigators a single mom and her 17 year old daughter  who we actually hadn't see all last week and when I called them to see how they were they started crying on the phone and said, ´´we have decided that we need to be baptized in Christs church.´´ They received an answer that Book of Mormon is true. They started saying that they knew a long but just were kind of fighting the answer they had received. It was seriously amazing I cried even harder but that was because I was so happy they are getting baptized this Saturday. They were pretty upset I was leaving but they are good friends with Dora and her family and the Elders that are there are awesome! 

So I was struggling a bit and then I got here. I love it! This Branch here is amazing! We had dinner with the Branch President and his family and they said they prayed us here. He said they have been feeling for a while that there needed to be Sisters in Vasco de Gama and they said we are miracle. We literally got welcome calls from all of the leaders and went on visits with the Branch President yesterday. I guess there were Sisters her about 13 years ago and a lot of the members have been praying for sisters again. :) They are so excited when they found out how much time I have on the mission. They said, ´´Ainda bem vais morrer cá.´´ (Thats good you will die here)

Sorry if this email seemed a little negative. I literally know that all of this was part of gods plan. Goodbyes just really stink. I have realized more and more on my mission that I really can do hard things. Sometimes I feel so weak and then after prayer I am fine. It is so simple but I know that my Heavenly Father is listening to me and loves me. 

I love you all so much!! 

Com amor, Sister Lacey

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