Monday, December 14, 2015

O amor de nosso Pai

Branch Christmas Party

Hey Guys!!

Sorry I will be really quick today. I had a meeting in the mission office about ´´My Plan´´ or what my plan is for after the mission... it is a great program, freaked me out a bit though. haha
We had our ward Christmas party and it was amazing! Man I am going to miss this branch!! I seriously love them so much!

Since we had stake conference last week we had fast and testimony meeting yesterday. The testimonies were amazing. I thought I would share some of what they shared.

The Elders Quorum President was out of work for the month of November. He was out work for a while and was nervous about how he would pay tithing. He said the first week of December when he went back to work to see if there was a job for him hi boss called him into the office and he thought, ´´Oh know this is when I officially get fired.´´ But his boss actually gave him a race which covered for the month he did not work. The Lord helps us keep his commandments if we are willing!
President Sousas daughter is in nursing school and she had a presentation to do on Friday. Well she woke up with the flu. Her dad said she tried her best to prepare it so the Lord would bless her. She went and said she felt completely better and right after she finished she lost all her strength and had to go home early. It was just amazing to here her testimony of The Love God has for us.

A 12 year old in the Branch talked about the Holy Ghost, and how we really do receive promptings from the Holy Ghost. He said he was at swim practice and could not find his glasses and he had the feeling to look into his backpack he said he looked in other places first and then remembered the prompting and found them.
I love these testimonies so much! They are so simple but just prove the great love our Heavenly Father has for us!! He is concerned with every accept of our lifes. And the church is strong here! The youth the adults everyone! It is amazing!! This work will continue to go forth. I am literally heart broken knowing I have to leave. I just cried at the meeting today but I know that they will all be fine. They all have their own testimonies.

I love you all so much!!
Com tanto amor, Sister Lacey

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