Monday, February 9, 2015

Treinamento aka Training :D

Sister Lacey and Sister Swain
The last week with the Brazilian Elders
Sister Ventura, Tiago, (a recent convert) and Sister Lacey
Ola minha família!!

Ola tudo bem? This week was seriously so fun! A little crazy, but awesome. So Sister Thornley and I had a lot of fun working together until Thursday. It was a little weird working in two areas, but it was so fun. One funny story. We were walking on this street that is really Portuguese. It has these cool antique houses right next to cobble stone sidewalks. Well anyways, I was just contemplating life I guess and then out of no where I see this hand right in front of my face! I scream and jumped and then I turned around to see this sweet little old lady with a very surprised look on her face. Haha The poor thing was just watering her flowers when this crazy American screamed out of no where. Haha Sister Thornley just said Bom dia (Good day) to the lady and then we started crying we were laughing so hard. Ya I know I have issues. :)

So, Thursday, we left and got on a train to Lisboa. And when we got to the mission office, there were 15 elders training and then 6 sisters. And guess who was the youngest sister training in the mission field? Yep me! I was so scared because every one's Portuguese was so good. Haha But it was all good. So we had a two hour training with President and the Assistants and it was so good! I felt so much love and President said how much he trusts each one of us and how much love he has for us and then he said now just imagine how much love and confidence your father in heaven has for you. The training was so good. Well after President and Sister Fluckiger went to go to the airport and we all waited in the office for them. It was pretty funny to watch how anxious we all were. A bunch of missionaries who are never used just standing around... We ended up helping the office Elders some. Haha I am going to be so weird when I get home. 

So Sister Swain is from Arizona. She is awesome!! When all of the greenies came in we had another training with them and it brought back a lot of memories from my first day in Portugal. One cool thing that I didn't tell you all last week was that all of the visas did not come for all of the new missionaries coming to Portugal and so as a mission we prayed and fasted so that the visas would come in time and they did!  If all of the missionaries wouldn't have come, we would have had to close 7 areas in the mission. It was seriously such a blessing. And Sister Fluckiger just cried and told the new missionaries "we all prayed you here". 

Sister Swain is doing awesome. I love her. The ward is doing great! I just love this ward and they seemed pretty excited to see that I stayed. It made me happy.

I love you all so much! I am so thankful for prayer and for our Loving Heavenly Father! I know this church is true! I LOVE YOU ALL!

Com Amor, Sister Lacey

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