Monday, February 2, 2015

Fifth Transfer in Portugal!!

Sister Lacey and Sister McCall (They were in the MTC together)
Last day with the Brazilian Elders

Sisters Thornley, McCall, and Lacey

Ola minha família!!

Hey everyone. Can you believe I am on my fifth transfer in Portugal already? I can't haha. So I am staying here in Setúbal and I am going to train! So last night the Zone leaders called and said that Sister Ventura was getting transferred and they told me my companions name Sister Swin and then they said (when I asked where do I need to pick her up?) they said well, she won't get to Portugal until Thursday. Haha Your going to train!  Anyways I am really excited. :)

This week was seriously so great! I just love it here. So on New Years Eve I was on a division (with a different sister) and we were in my area, but then we ended up going to the sister training leader's area. So that was the first unplanned thing. Well, then we ended up contacting people and no one was wanting to talk to us. Then, on this one street, this one man did not want anything to do with us and then we turned to talk to this other man and his dog didn't like us... and then came Jocemare. Well, we talked to him and he said that he is praying for guidance. We got his contact info and then continued on. Well last week I found out that the sisters have been visiting him a lot. Well, I ended up being on another division and got to teach him! And he shared how long he has been looking for the truth. And then I shared with him that story and how our Heavenly Father literally placed him in our path. I cried when I told him how many things had to happen for us to stop him that night and now he is scheduled to be baptized. He was just so prepared and I know the Lord is in charge of this work. 

Another cool story. A recent convert invited us over to her house and she had a friend over. You have got to love recent converts! They are such good missionaries. Well, her friend lost her husband 8 years ago and said that she stopped praying and talking with her Father in Heaven after that. We shared the plan of salvation with her and I just cried as I shared that I know that our Savior knows exactly how she feels and he loves us and wants to help us. The spirit was so strong!

I am so thankful to be a member of Christ's Church. I know that if we follow the commandments they will bring peace and happiness into our lives. This is Christ's church. I have no doubt that he lives. I feel his love daily. I love you all so much!!!

Com Amor, Sister Lacey 

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