Monday, May 25, 2015

Que benção que eu estou servir em PORTUGAL!!

Lisbon, Portugal - 5/25/15

Lisbon, Portugal - 5/25/15

District P-Day - Lisbon, Portugal - 5/25/15

Lisbon, Portugal - 5/25/15

Lisbon, Portugal - 5/25/15

Lisbon, Portugal - 5/25/15

She found carpet!

Vanda and Jose

Young Women's President

Benevente, Portugal

Ola minha querida família!´

Hey guys!! This week has been so awesome I just love Portugal! Sorry I sent so many pictures. Haha I felt bad for last week.

Today was so much fun for P-day! We went to Lisboa as a district! It was just so nice. When we were on our way to Lisbon we were on the metro and this man was playing a fardo, which is basically folk music of Portugal. It was so fun people were slow dancing on the metro. Awe I love it here. When we got to Lisbon we walked along the pier, got ice cream, and even met some members of the church who were on vacation. It was so fun! I love Portugal!

So for some awesome news, Silvana and I have been emailing and her and Lucas are getting married! She is not 18 yet so they have been waiting to get her dads permission and she told me that after all the prayers her dad finally said that they could. I am seriously so happy for them. So before they found the church they were living together and they have a daughter named Evanline together. I am seriously just so happy!

This week we found some pretty elect people. We met this one guy and he is so cool. It is just amazing how much the Lord is really preparing people. He had so many questions and we taught so many things just on the street. When we met with him the next day we taught him about the first lesson and can I just say that you cannot not feel the spirit when you recite the first vision and talk about The Restoration of the Gospel. When Elder Cook came in November he told us that everything goes back to the Restoration he said make the restoration the central part of your teaching. And let me just say it works.

I am just so happy. I love this gospel so much. The more and more I bare my testimony the more I feel how true this is. I am so happy! And I just don't have a problem telling people what God's commandments are. I know they are blessings. We are so blessed!

Eu amo voces tanto!! Tenham uma boa semena!!

Com muito amor Sister Lacey 

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