Monday, July 27, 2015

Os eleitos dos confins da terra!


Dora's family!

Ola minha querida família! 

Okay first of all..... 

Jason!!!!!! I am seriously so happy!! That is literally so cool! Sister Harper and I were freaking out. Haha I am in shock still!! 

This week was amazing! I love Vila Franca de Xira. To start off with a funny story. So as you all know, we planted flowers at the chapel. Well, we have been watering in the mornings and our neighbors have been giving us Americans flower advice. Well throughout the week they said we were giving them too much water and they said this from their balconies looking at us. Haha Well I saw one man who was the ring leader (who owns a store close to the church) behind all of this yesterday after church and he told us that now we are not giving them enough water. Well you all know me I had to say something. I said, ´´Oh tens uma loja e tambem tu es uma florista agora?´´ (Oh so you own a store and now you are a florist) I then told him that he needs to come to church so he can see them better. Haha He laughed a little. I love Portugal! 

We also found one of the coolest people ever this week. The work was going a little slow and we decided to say a prayer and we both thought to go to this neighborhood that we had never went to before. Well when we were there we saw this man working on his car. We offered to help him which made him laugh and then he began to tell us that he talked with the Elders 15 years ago in Brazil. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he literally was so happy and he just held it and looked at it like an old friend. Seriously it was so cool!!! The Lord is preparing people. I am sure those missionaries were so sad that he wasn't baptized years ago. He is so prepared! 

Also one really cool thing happened in church! Doras cousin from Norway came with his family to our branch. Which happened to double our size... They got baptized 3 years ago and they actually went to the chapel and knocked on the door and asked to be taught! Haha They just recently all got sealed together. It is literally amazing to see Christ's gospel covering the whole earth! I love this work soooooo much!! I love you all!! Amo voces tanto! 

Com amor. Sister Lacey 

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