Monday, November 16, 2015

Eu Irei e comprarei as ordens do Senhor

Sister Lacey and Sister Anaya

With Antonio

With Melanie

Traditional Portuguese food
(she said it tastes better than it looks)

Ola Minha Querida Família! 

Hey Guys! Thank you so much for all the emails! You are all amazing! We are going to go to the Aquarium today and Lisboa so we got permission to email early. :) I am pretty excited I heard it is one of the best in the world. :) 

This week has been amazing and also really hard! We have been doing a lot of walking to find members and people to teach but the Lord has blessed us! We are seeing miracles everyday! I just love seeing the Lords hand in my life and the life's of others daily! 

About 3 weeks ago we met a couple who recently moved from Brasil we stopped them in the street and they said they were busy and moving houses and we offered to help and they said they were fine. We ended up getting there contact and have been trying to set up appointments with them and finally we had a lesson with them yesterday. The spirit was so strong! They are amazing! They said that they knew there was something different about us and we had something that they needed because we stopped them in the street and offered to help strangers. It was really cool because we didn't think anything of that. They are committed to reading the Book of Mormon! I love this work! 

Antonio is amazing! He has been having family problems and has been struggling a bit but he is probably the most faithful man I have ever met! He has started to read the Book of Mormon everyday from the beginning. He just loved 1 Nephi 3:7 and he said this scripture helped me so much! He said I know I can be baptized because th Lord will prepare the way. In church a young man shared that scripture in hs talk and Antinio just looked at me and smiled! I love this work!! 

We have been trying to meet with less actives and we called Tatiana and turns out her daughter Melanie who is a member recently moved from Cape Verde and we walked to church with her. She is so funny! And it was such a miracle because we need more young women! :) 

 Oh one more think when we were in our lesson with Antonio we had Irma Graziela with us and she said,´´ My life has not been raiser and I am not perfect but the best decision I have ever made was to kneel and ask our Heavenly Father if this was his church, and it is and I have never looked back!´´ She is amazing! I love this work and Our loving Father in Heaven! 

Eu vos amo! 

Com tanto e carinho Amor, Sister Lacey

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