Monday, March 23, 2015

Silvana got baptized!! Que bênção!!!

Silvana's baptism!

Sister Swain and Sister Lacey

Making chocolate chip cookies

Setubal, Portugal

Moroni and his favorite team jerseys

Ola minha família,

Hey guys!!! Man this week flew by!!  I can't believe Brookie is in Japan!!! Ahhhhhh I love that there are 2 Sister Laceys in the World!! Haha This week was... AMAZING!!!!

So Silvana got baptized!!! It was seriously amazing. And such a  testimony builder that the Lord is in charge of this work. She was literally just so prepared. So a little background about her. Her boyfriend's brother is a recent convert and then her boyfriend got baptized 3 weeks ago. They have a little baby together. So let me explain a little. They are not living together and they are getting married next month. Well, anyways we have been talking about the blessing of keeping the law of chastity and I just cried as I talked about your relationship mom and dad and how much you trust each other and the blessings of this commandment now that they have been living it. She also said now how much their relationship has changed and she said they are more loving and care more about each other. She said I just was never taught differently. She is seriously awesome!! She literally said that the world just doesn't understand the importance of commandments. She said they are for our protection because our Father in Heaven wants us to be happy. She is amazing!!!!

One other really cool story. We were contacting some people last week and were not having much success. Well, I was feeling a little down and I said a prayer saying how I just really want to know if my father in Heaven is proud of me. Well, right after that we walked by this one lady and so I started talking to her. Well, she doesn't believe in God but she said she wants to. And also the only thing she knows about the church is that 7 years ago two sister missionaries knocked on her door and she didn't let them in because she wasn't feeling good. Well, it turns out the next day she found a card in her mailbox that said "Get better soon, love the sisters". She said that is the only thing she knows about Mormons. I don't know about you, but I think that is a pretty good thing. :) 

I know this is Christ's Church! If we really are his disciples we need to truly love one another. We need to show others the joy we feel! We are so blessed!!! I love you all so much!!!! 

Sister Lacey

P.S. I cannot wait for the new Easter video!!! Christ lives!!! Ele Vive!!!

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