Monday, March 30, 2015

Sister Lacey had a great... fall

 3/30/15 - Sister Lacey fell while running this morning :-(     
Sister Swain and Sister Lacey @ Jardim Engenheiro Luís da Fonseca

Sister Swain and Sister Lacey @ Jardim Engenheiro Luís da Fonseca

Ola Minha familia! 

Hey guys!!! How are you??? I can't believe it has already been another week. Crazy! So about the subject of this email. We were running this morning around a park and I fell pretty hard. Haha I face planted and everything. Haha But anyways, my wrist hurts a bit so this might be kind of short. :) 

This week was awesome! So to start out with a funny story. You know how there is that rule that you can't hold babies? Well yesterday we were at lunch at a members house and they have four little kids well the youngest one just turned one and he is adorable! Anyways I look kind of like his mom. So he crawled up behind me during lunch and wanted me to hold him and just said, Mama. I almost died and they were all laughing because they knew it was killing me not to pick him up. Haha Seriously hardest rule ever!! 

Have you guys seen "Because He Lives? It is sooooo good! I cried. I also started another 40 day fast the other day. I was feeling like I was just kind of going through the motions... Which I know sounds really bad, but I had the feeling to memorize the Living Christ in Portuguese in these next 40 days and it is amazing how much more I appreciate my Savior and just love others in general. It was really cool last night we had an appointment that fell through and I had the strongest impression to knock on one door in that building. I kind of ignored it, but it came back, so we did. And this one man opened the door and seriously he looks like a Bishop!! Haha And his family was adorable! He said he doesn't believe and he was pretty cold at first but we got to talking more and he warmed up a bit. We have an appointment with him and his family this Thursday! :) 

I know this is The Lords work! I am so happy here! I have come to know my Savior more and more everyday. For me now he is more than just cool stories but he is a real perfect loving man. He is my savior. I love him. And I want to be more like him. This is his work this is his church. I hope that we all take advantage of the opportunity we will have this week to here from his servants in General Conference. And I also think it is amazing what you guys are doing as a ward with reading the Book of Mormon! I can honestly say that reading studying the Book of Mormon is the best way we can come to know our Savior better. I love you all so much!!! 

Sister Lacey 

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