Monday, June 22, 2015

Melhor missão do Mundo!!

Sister Lacey saying goodbye to Sister Fluckiger :-(

Sister Lacey and Lacey the Lamb

Rio Tejo

Rio Tejo

Sister Lewis (from the MTC!)

Ola minha querida família!! 

Hey guys!! This week was amazing! I just love it here in Portugal! It is the best mission in the world. ;) 

This week we went to Alhandra again which is the town irmão Lopes lives in. And so we were hanging out with his sheep again. Lacey, the little brown lamb from the pictures last week is getting so big. I will send some pictures of her. It is so funny because she has greenish blue eyes so everyone says it is perfect that she was named after me. :) 

One of the coolest things happened the other day. We were on the train and this woman said, ´´Where is your church?´´ She then began to tell us that she met with the elders in Angola and that she loved the message. We met with her on Friday and had an amazing lesson with her. She said that she has really begun to rely on Christ more in her life because her boyfriend just left her and she has a baby who is only 2 weeks old. We really testified of the Love that her Father in Heaven has for her. She is just amazing. She said she wants her daughter to serve a mission one day. :) 

I am just loving Portugal more and more everyday. The people are so funny! I cannot count how many people tell me that I should not be outside because I am so white. They tell me to put sunscreen on (which I do). They are so funny they say,´´Minha tens que aplicar protector do sol! Es tao branca!´´ (Girl you need to put sunscreen on! You are soo white!´´) I just love the people here. You can just be walking and someone will just yell something out the window to you just to talk about the weather. Seriously, love it here.

I am so happy! I know that this happiness comes from this gospel and trying to align our will with our Father in Heaven's. He loves us so much! He wants us to be happy just like it says in " 2 Nephi 2:25 in The Book of Mormon, ´´Adam fell that man might be and man are that they might have joy.´´ Love you all!! 

Com amor, Sister Lacey

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