Monday, June 8, 2015

Missão Portugal Lisboa!!

Birthday morning pancakes after a long run (6/3/15)

Sister Lacey and Sister Elliott

Irma Noemia (who made her birthday dinner)


Surprise birthday party

Surprise birthday party

Ola Minha Família!!

Okay well now I know I will be staying in The Portugal Lisbon Mission! I am really excited. :) I am here still in Vila Franca with Sister Harper who just came from Gaia, my second area. She is from Provo, Utah and she went to School in BYU Hawaii. She is awesome and she has one less transfer than me. We are so excited. :) 

So, she just game from Gaia. And she said it is amazing. She talked about Bishop and how much the ward is growing. Lets just say when I got there in October there were about 50 members coming and now there is at least 95 each week!! Their goal is to divide the ward. And she talked about Maria Jose the Mother in Law of Silvia. Well Maria has stopped smoking and is active in the church and is a ward missionary! I almost cried. Her and I had such a good relationship. I am just so happy to hear how that area is doing. Just hearing that is worth 18 months. 

My Birthday was amazing. We went on a long run and then had pancakes for Breakfast. :) It was so cute the, Branch had a little surprise party for me. :) They made me a cake and we played games. It was so fun!! And then Noemnia invited us over and she had made a huge surprise dinner for me. It was so nice! I love Portugal!! 

I don't have much time. But I am just so happy! People are starting to think I am Portuguese. They can tell after a little with my accent that I am not, but I think it is pretty cool. I love you all so much!! Have a great week!!

Com muito amor, Sister Lacey

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